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Lighting Management-Sensor Nivel 2 -PIR-IP42-10A-220V-DALI-Baja temperaturas-EBDHS-LT30-Cobertura 15x40m-Incluye Fotocelda-Gran Altura

CP Electronics Legrand

Lighting Management-Sensor Nivel 2 -PIR-IP42-10A-220V-DALI-Baja temperaturas-EBDHS-LT30-Cobertura 15x40m-Incluye Fotocelda-Gran Altura

REF. CP100013 Código de Barras:. 5012774621492
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Características técnicas

Model Presence detector
Sensor type Passive infrared
With DALI interface Yes
Constant light control Yes
HVAC-control No
Forced switch off Yes
Animal zone No
Creep-under protection No
Background monitoring No
Networkable No
Optimum mounting height 15 m
Staircase light controller Yes
Bridging switch No
Max. reach sideways 20 m
Max. reach frontally 20 m
Diameter reach on floor 40 m
Suitable for wireless transmission No
Remote operation Yes
Supplied remote control Yes
Response value sensitivity adjustable Yes
Response value luminosity adjustable Yes
With signal unit No
Teach-function for response value luminosity No
Dim function with dimmer basic element Yes
Mounting method Flush-mounted
Material Plastic
Material quality Thermoplastic
Halogen free Yes
Surface protection Untreated
Surface finishing Matt
Antimicrobial treatment No
Colour White
RAL-number (similar) 9002
Transparent No
Degree of protection (IP) IP65
Degree of impact strength (IK) IK05
Voltage type AC
Frequency 50-50 Hz
Nominal voltage 230-230 V
Min. switch-on time 0.5 s
Max. duty cycle 99 min
Switch-off delay 10 s
Switching-on delay 1 s
Detection angle horizontal 360-360 °
Pivoting range sensor, horizontal 0-0 °
Pivoting range sensor, vertical 0-0 °
Response value luminosity 0-2000 lx
Max. switching power 2300 W
Suitable for C-load No
Temperature -30-35 °C
Number of switching zones 1
Max. starting current 80 A
Control current 3.4782608696 mA
Substation input No
With alarm function No
With acoustic sensor No
Width 88 mm
Height 88 mm
Depth 112 mm
Built-in depth 63 mm
With connection cable No
Connection cable length 0 mm
Operating / setting temperature -30-35 °C
Storage temperature -30-50 °C
Standby consumption 1.3 mA
Mandatory neutral Yes
Terminals capacity 2.5-2.5 mm²
Label space/information surface No
Tube diameter for wall mounted product 64-64 mm
Maximum Input cable diameter 2.5 mm
Entry membrane gland type Not applicable
Auto switch No